I remember so many years ago, when I was second shooting for a Toronto-based wedding photographer, she said to me, "When this (points to camera) becomes your job, your relationship with it changes." I definitely believed her, but I wanted it to be my job anyways. 

Many years later, with several breaks and adventures in between, I can now say that photography actually is my job. It's been a windy road to get here, and I've had to find my voice with and through my camera again and again and again. Balancing my own creative expression with client work is a constant process, but the more I persevere, the more those two worlds (what I want to shoot and what I get to shoot) actually overlap. 

And when they do, it's magic...

On Tuesday, I was on my way (via bike) to photograph a beautiful couple for my fabulous client, Tara, and this moment of total bliss washed over me..."I feel so lucky this is my job." When I stop and think about it, photography has always been there for me and in many ways it has saved me - creatively, financially, emotionally. I've had to learn how to balance all the things involved with making this type of life work, but even on the days that it's hard, I wouldn't trade it. 

So, yes, my relationship to my camera is so very different than it was back then, but like all relationships, the changing and growing is a gift. 

Here are some photos from a summer road trip between Vancouver and Canmore - hiking and camping in Revelstoke, seeing Lake Louise, and enjoying the Okanagan hills and lakes on the way back. 

Cheers to the end of summer and the newness that autumn brings...& cheers to doing the thing you love to do.