Behind the Scenes: Making a Self-Portrait

I wanted an updated portrait of myself and was inspired by this rug I unpacked from my closet yesterday. I picked it up in India two years ago and hadn't yet found the right place to display it...until today. Backdrop, obviously.

I didn't end up loving the photos I snapped of myself but I did love the behind the scenes photos Dave snapped of me.

Step 1. Find a well-lit room. This room in our apartment has beautiful light all day long.
Step 2. Find some things you love: Indian embroidered rug. Dried florals from Celsia. My current favourite book by my friend Gabrielle (YOU MUST READ IT. I read it cover to cover in one day.)
Step 3. Setup tripod and camera. The tripod is my parent's old one - they got it from Black's in the 90's. Lens: Canon 35mm 1.4L. *Note: most times I would shoot tethered to my laptop so I can see in large what I'm snapping, but this time I didn't.
Step 4. Use a trigger to snap away. I use Canon's Wireless Remote Controller.
Step 5. VERY IMPORTANT...Make sure your wall art is straight (HAHA)!!!  

It's really fun to play and when the moment strikes, I follow it. You should try it!