I am calling you.
I am calling you to take a stand.
I am calling you to let your guard down and lift your heart up.
I am calling you to look closely, listen carefully, and act courageously.
Because I know and you know what you are here to do.
I see your light. I feel your power. I hear your impact.
I need you. 
We need you. 

The world needs women like you to do the thing you are called to do.
For our mothers and sisters and daughters. 
For our fathers and brothers and sons.
I am urging you.
Urging you to rise so your daughter will rise.
To speak up so your mother will find her voice.
To act so your sister will act.
There is nothing more urgent than remembering who we really are
and bravely standing in that skin so others will too.
I am calling you. 

I am urging you to answer.