Portrait Possibilities: Styling & Posing for Portraits

Portraits don't have to be boring or feel like a different version of you, and to illustrate that I shot this concept last Friday with the intention of showing how portraits can actually be uniquely tailored to you. With just a few simple changes you can completely shift the feeling and mood of a photo. I teamed up with hair and makeup artist Katie Elwood to produce 3 looks in 3 hours in the same location. 

Our beautiful model Claire had her makeup done once, we switched up her lip colour, hair, outfit, and poses to quickly achieve three looks and show different versions of not only who Claire is but how a portrait can be used to tell a story about you.

- classic makeup & naturally styled hair
- all black outfit
- a variety of expressions (smiling, laughing, serious)
- white backdrop & chair with armrest

Posing: powerful posing

bright lip colour added & hair pulled to the side
- black shirt from first look
- no smiles
- white and black backdrop for moodiness
- tight shots so less context visible
- use of props to shoot through

Posing: moody, mysterious posing (ie. eyes closed generates a mysteriousness, the addition of a black backdrop and props makes it interesting)

- netural lip & fun bun hair
- an outfit that shows personality: I asked Claire to bring one outfit that she felt the most herself in
- vibrance, bright eyes, smiles

Posing: playful, fun, comfortable posing (I asked Claire to sit on the ground and just get comfy)

So, the whole point here is that portraits and headshots don't have to be boring. They can be fun, playful & professional. You can still feel like you. 

Katie and I are excited to be teaming up to offer portraits like this at a special rate on December 9 & 10 - check details here